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Hi, my name is Nicolas. I make video games these days, but I used to work in the 3D animation industry for over a decade and got tired of it. I'm a strong believer of being multidisciplinary, meaning learning to do a bunch of different things, and then applying them to create a vision. I’m not the best at anything I think, but I do know a lot on a wide range of subjects.


I learned programming when I was really young and then studied 3D computer animation and visual effects. I love learning new things, creating visuals with a strong emotional feel to it, and I believe film making and video games are the most powerful way of doing that.


 You can follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com/6502b



About 6502b


The name 6502b comes from the name of the MOS processor in early Atari 800XL computers. That’s the first computer I ever used in my life. It was already old when I first started messing with it when I was 6 or 7. I learned what programing was on that computer, with simple Atari Basic programs.



I still have one, I actually collected quite a few things about the Atari 800XL and the Atari ST. I love those computers.







About the logo


The logo on the top left of my blog is based on the old Canadian paper pavilion at the Montreal Expo 67 "Man and His World".  I personally always loved the architecture of the 60s-70s and Montreal back then was booming. I wasn’t born at the time, but you can still see things around the city that remind you of a great time in its history of expension and vision. The Montreal Metro system, the Saint-Hélène island, many buildings were also built at the time. 1967 was also the year my big brother was born, which makes it a special date for me.


Some fun facts about Expo 67 :


The Saint Hélène Island was greatly expanded to accommodate for the Expo67. To do this they used dirt dug from the Montreal Metro system that they were building at the time. They connected small islands to the main one and made this huge island we have now.


To transport all the people back and forth from the expo, in those days there was an exterior metro system in Montreal. Few people know this, or remember it. It was a short line and it connected Montreal island to the Saint Hélène island. I think it's sad that Montreal didn’t keep or extend the Metro system with exterior routes. Underground is nice, but above ground is much cheaper. That metro system was completely automated, the first one in north America. More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expo_Express



I just love facts about Metro and Subway systems. I don't know why.







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